Building a 20 ft. trailerable Houseboat Part – 3

Woody Houseboat docked

With the hull turned it was time to build the cabin.

We built most of the cabin parts in the wood shop and stored them for this day. So, it was a matter of putting the cabin together. The result was a unique structure we really like.

Our family was so helpful with the cabin construction. Because most of the parts were prebuilt, the construction was very fast. It took only a few days to assemble it.

After the main cabin structure was complete, we launched Woody for “Sea
Trials”. This was an awesome day for us. When you build a boat, you imagine this day during the complete build. It was great! After the water test, we completed.

Woody Houseboat LunchOur favorite outing is to drift in the lakes and have lunch. OK, swimming is another. Sandi puts together a picnic lunch for the family (9 people). We have small tables stored under the bow and we line the isle with them and feast!

On-Board Battery Charger