Rebuilding an Aqua Chalet Houseboat (3 Videos)

Aqua Chalet Houseboat

Sandi and I are getting up in years. Every time we complete a boat project, we say the words, “that was the last time”. However, we soon find out that working on a boat project is a great adventure and gets into your blood.

Such was the case when we completed our “Woody” project. Soon after completion our family informed us of an old Aqua Chalet pontoon houseboat that we needed to see. We went to look at her and saw an aged boat that had lost her once beautiful glory. However, we thought she hadAqua Chalet Houseboat “good bones” and could brought back to life with some TLC. The deck was made of aluminum which is the weak spot of wooden deck pontoon boats. So, we knew the hull was structurally sound. The cabin, well it looked fixable.

The rest is history as we purchased her and we are again eating our words about the last time for our boat building projects

Originally, we thought we could do a quick fix up but it didn’t work out that way. When we started the TLC, we found the more we removed the worse it got. Behind the cabin walls and overhead we found rotted lumber to far gone to repair. The whole cabin needed to be removed. Boat “fixer upper” now became a full-blown project.

We took a deep breath we order a dumpster, broke the saws all and started our new boat project.

What do you name a project where you have told everyone no more projects? Well, you name her – “The Last time” of course! However, a people said we were ‘Looney’ to take on a project like this, so, we renamed her ‘Looney Toons’!

So, here is the demolition and construction of “The Looney Toons” part 1,2 and part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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