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Glen-L backyard boatbuilders

Plans for over 300 boats

We have used Glen-L plans for several boat project including restoring. The plans are extremely well done and complete with written instructions. They have great support and additional helps like a customer form.

You really can’t go wrong with Glen-L Plans,


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Backyard BoatbuildersRoy designed That

I know the company name sounds odd, but Roy’s designs are so unique.

The plans are extremely well done with lots of pictures and verbiage.In fact, we built the Dianne’s Rose houseboat.  We built all the parts in our garage and then put it together like a puzzle. We have outings with our complete family (9 people) with plenty of room.

Roy has lots of You Tube video showing the construction and outings.

In short Roy’s plans are top notch!


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We named our boat “Woody”. It was constructed from Dianne’s Rose plans.

backyard boatbuilders backyard boatbuilders backyard boatbuilders

See construction pictures of Woody – Click Here

Berkeley Engineering

This cobackyard boatbuildersmpany offers a line of trailerable houseboats and some really awesome tug boat

backyard boatbuildersBoat Builder Central

Boat Builder Central has some interesting designs and a wide variety of plans to pick from. The site also has building supplies and technical support for their designs.


Clark Craftbackyard boatbuilders

Clark Craft has been in business over 60 tears.

They offer Wooden Boat Plans with full-size patterns, stitch & glue plywood boat plans, They have a wide variety of plans from canoes to houseboats.


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